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Welcome to was created by Firefighter Paramedic Forrest Munden with the hopes to give future EMTs and Paramedics a place to learn how the National Registry Exam works, and what exactly to study for. From basic signs and symptoms to advanced cardiology. Nobody prepares you like and

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Lung Sounds and more!

Learn everything you need to know in the section of’s and Munden Interactive’s lung sound area.

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EMT Paramedic Study Guide Features


We review all the topics that the NREMT considers important. We know what it takes to pass the exam, and we know “What You Need To Know” All material contained in our study guides come from the EMS NotesWhat You Need To Know” Written by Forrest Munden. The Cardiology section of the NREMT EMT is extremely difficult. Give yourself the advantage by using our EMT study guides combined with Munden Interactive’s testing system.


When you take your EMT test, make sure you pay close attention to how you answer your trauma questions! There is a systematic way to go about accessing your patient, but this can also be use caution!! Pay close attention to how you find your patient, where they are, how they present and more) can change your initial treatment!

Use’s EMT study guide and practice test questions to help you understand what you are in for!’s testing system can help!


Many students will enter the testing center not prepared, and many more students will underestimate the level of difficulty of the NREMT and NREMT-P exam. Don’t be that student! Study from our study and use MundenInteractive’s testing system. This is absolutely the only system out there that mimics the National Registry test, and tells you where you went wrong after it grades you. Nobody gives you EMT-Prep or Paramedic Prep like!


Do you …”acetylcholine esterase, melena, petechiae, methamphetamine, HHNK, or purpura much”?

These are some terms you may see on your National Registry exam. Make sure you take the time to learn them. If you purchase the exams located at Munden Interactive and use the study guides here, you should have no trouble passing the registry test!

We know most of these terms are not really covered well in school, but they are considered important to the registry. There are many more just like this! Study up!!


My personal favorite! This section of the exam has killed more people than the grim reaper! Have no fear id44 and Munden are here! Make sure you study up on the keys we point you to.


You cannot just memorize test questions! If you think you are going to enter this exam memorizing the “key words” (fifty-seven year old with chest pain is a heart attack) you are going to be in for a big surprise!! You need to understand the physiology behind the illness, how medications work, how trauma affects the body, and patient’s ages.. all these attributes can lead you to guessing..and that’s not you want to do!

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News Updates it’s interface! works to update it’s user interface, and also looks ahead to lower prices to as low as $4.99 for EMT and Paramedic testing. Forrest Munden and promised to roll prices back to the late 90s with his latest testing module. and have come to an agreement that will allow the two companies to merge, creating a single entity for future EMT, Paramedic, and Firefighters to study under..

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Munden Interactive Agrees with id44

I’m sure you have heard the stunning news! and look to consolidate their testing modules using as a primary hub to tabulate student data, while will continue to exam it’s Emergency Medicine and National Registry test preparatory guides, EMS news, and tutoring..

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Go to to see some of my latest NREMT test taking tips. The site is much cleaner and easier to figure out.

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