id44.com is #1 on the web for good reason!

I am a “real” working Firefighter/Paramedic and I have taken the NREMT exam many times.

I have been where you are right now, I have been stressed out, wondering what to study and where to place my focus. Sound familiar?

That’s why I created id44.com. I started to gather information on the NREMT test years ago (When I became an EMT) and continue to compile relevant information into my exams to help you pass the first time!

So relax, you are in the right place. id44.com changes every few days to keep up with the latest in NREMT testing, so you do not have to!

I have seen the exam and challenge it regularly to make sure I am on top of my game. I will continue to improve this site, and create more free stuff as time goes by

Thanks again!
Forrest EMT-P


:Hello Mr Munden,

I just wanted to extend a big handshake, and to let you know that my EMT class is now passing the National Registry at a rate that is 21% higher than any of my previous classes that were not using your program prior to it’s recommendation. I am always stressing to the students to acquire more tools for their tool box, and I feel that your site is probably the best tool anyone new to EMS can take. Love your humor too! :)

Wess Fitzgerald”

“Oh my gawwwwdd!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy this site is still here! I failed the exam three times, and then I was remediated. The guy told me to try this site. Best decision I ever made!”

“I heard about this site in my EMT class, but I never visited it. Sadly I ended up failing, so I decided to give it a shot. The site wasn’t very fancy, but your test topics seemed to very similar to the questions I found on the registry. Anyway, I just studied the things you told me to study and wouldn’t you know it? I PASSED!! Just giving you props brother! thanks!


“Thanks for your help Forrest! I finally got my P-card! I could not have done it without you and your site
I guess I can just say that the 4th time was the charm! Lol! I’m so glad I found this site! I could not fail again!”
Thank you id44.com! Heather
Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!
Steve Elder “New” EMT-P


“I heard about this site from my brother,
he said that he passed his EMT exam the first time through,
Guess what? So did I!”

“You are a fool if you aren’t using this site! JK! No! but seriously!! DONT BE A FOOL LOL!”
Ray Hearn

“An incredible source for preparation”
OC Fire

Forrest, Thank you so much for the id44.com site. I used the paramedic preparation exams and passed the National Registry on my first attempt. Taking practice tests on my own computer in the comfort of my own home, certainly made it a more relaxing test process. I used your paramedic practice exams, to not only understand the way the CBT (computer based testing) was set up, but to help with the critical thinking required, with the time limit, the scenario based questions and multiple choices, it truly helped me prepare to pass the National Registry exam. Now after all the classroom exams, interns and practical tests I can feel like I have finally accomplished what I set out to do, become a paramedic. Thank you again for all your help. Be safe. Scott Orange County FFPM
Hello, My name is Corey R, and I purchased you tests a week ago to help me study for The NR exam. I took the exam this passed weekend and I passed it. Your exams helped me tremendously on the Exam. I just want to say Thank you!!! -Corey
Thanks for the help. Took my test on Tuesday, got my NREMT-P certificate and card in the mail today. Michael
Just wanted to let you know how much you site helped. I took my NREMT-B test on 6/1/10 and passed on the first try! Thank you again! Diana
I took the test last Friday, I would recommend studying the 12 lead questions ( like an anterior MI with ST elevation) The majority of the test was scenario based and followed your practice line of questions real good.. I spent my last 3 days of studying solely on id44.COM and passed the test, Thanks a lot and I certainly will recommend you to others. Roger. Practicals are this Saturday morning so there will be a PARTY in Sioux City, Iowa this Weekend. Again thanks a lot!!
Recommendation: Honest website, Its nice to know you can easily contact the creator (Forrest) if your ever in doubt.
Emily S
Keep up the good work id44.com! There is not a site out there that can touch you!
Especially for the price! (Not to mention all the FREE good advice you offer before the exam)

I don’t want to sound like a blubbering idiot, but your site helped me land my dream job
I was starting to think I was not smart enough until I met Forrest. You brought out the best in
me and gave me confidence again. I am so blessed I found you and your tutor site. I wish you the best
Forrest! I could not have done it without you. You are an incredible person.
I know you are busy, but when are you going to make the Firefighter tests? Tearfully happy! Jay EMT

Hi Forrest, I just wanted to let you know that I tried three other web-sites before I found yours.
I wish I would not have wasted my time and money on them. Your tests were the only onces I found that focus
on the NREMT exam. I appreciate you taking the time to make the site. I will tell everyone I can in EMS about you. Thanks so much for all you do for EMS.

Loyal sister,

Hey Forrest, my name is Jason. I’m actually located on the backside of the mountain from you in Rancho Cucamonga. I took the EMT – B course at RCC in the spring. When I finished the class I went on vacation for 3 weeks, and returned home for the NREMT. I made it to 120 questions before it stopped me. I failed it pretty bad. I wasn’t too sure about any help from peoples sites. I actually ordered a couple of help and study guides, I wasn’t feeling them. Problem was I knew the material, and what I was doing. Your material didn’t teach me how to be an EMT again, yet how to test correctly. I knew the majority of your questions, just needed to learn how to answer them in the right way. I retook the test last week. The minimum the computer will shut you off at is 70, I was cut at 79. An almost flawless test! I looked for a section on your site for testimonials, and didn’t see anything. So if there’s anywhere I can write anything about your site let me know! I’ve already recommended this to people I know coming out of EMT class and the instructors at RCC. Thank you !! All the best EMT-B Jason S Whitworth

This is recommendation for the tutor program, please add this to your site. I’m a 14 year Firefighter/Paramedic that let my EMT-P go by accident and was forced to take the National Registry test again.
I thought that I could pass the exam, because of my field experience. I was incorrect. I failed twice. The test seemed
to get harder and harder for me and that’s when I realized I needed a pro. I found Forrest online and thought “What do I have
to lose?” Forrest kicked my butt all over the place and then gave me his blessing. Long story short, I passed in just 86 questions. Forrest, you are the man! Forrest taught me to let go of some field experience and think like the NREMT does..it worked! I will never let my Paramedic cert go again, because that test is brutal, but thank GOD I found id44.com/Forrest the Paramedic

“Big Jim” NCFD

There is nothing out there like id44.com. Just stop looking now. You won’t be sorry.


“Defib! No wait! Sync!” Wait No, CPR!” Lol! I’m straight now! thanks Forrest lol! Your number one student of the decade Megan S

I had taken the national registry twice and had failed miserably. I recently received a conditional full time offer….the condition was passing my registry. I was desperate and had tried two other programs on the internet…then I found Id44 tutoring program. The tutoring program was just what I needed. Forrest helped me refresh my knowledge and helped me determine where my weaknesses where. He also helped give me helpful testing tips that made me more confident and relaxed when I took my exam. I am proud to say that I passed my registry ….I am a paramedic. I highly recommend this program to anyone who has struggled with registry. Thanks Forrest

Mr. Munden I ordered your test and I would like to tell you thank you. I passed with a first time go! And I know your test played a really big part of that! I have spoke with my instructors about it and they said they would tell the new class about your site. Again I thank you. Very helpful! Tiffany

Hi again,

I just wanted to thank you again. I passed my EMT-B test thanks to the “real” practice tests from you. Thanks for your prompt reply the other day. I’ll definitely recommend your practice exams to fellow students.

Anal Desai