In this section you will find out everything you need to know about being a Paramedic. I am always adding new information so please come back soon!

I will be adding a virtual cardiac monitor, medication references, field training presentations tips, nremt tips, and basic review of Anatomy, Physiology, and Pharmacology.

Feel free to look around while I build this site. If you have any information that you think will be helpful. Please e-mail them here. Forrest

Recent Updates!

Asthma What you should know (NREMT Expectations) New!
CNS (Central Nervous System) Flow Chart
(Medications) New!
ALS MEdication on MP3 New!
List of NREMT Medications you “Need to know” New!
Free Paramedic Sample Exam Questions(Printable).pdf New!
Sample EMT Paramedic Test Video New!
Free Paramedic Quizzes (let it load, it will drop you down to the correct area to take the exams)

Some good study tools

Dynamic and Static ECG simulator
ECG Library
NREMT Practical Exam Locator
National Registry Paramedic initial certification
National Registry Paramedic recertification
NREMT state reciprocity map
How the NREMT computer adaptive test  works
How the NREMT practical skills test works

Paramedic Skills Station Paperwork

Oral Stations

Paramedic Exam Oral Station Scenario

Paramedic Exam Oral Station Points Sheet

Scenario/Skills Stations

Paramedic Practical Skills Bleeding Control Skills Station

Paramedic Practical Skills Dual Lumen Airway Skills Station

Paramedic Practical Skills Dynamic Cardiology Scenario Station

Paramedic Practical Skills Static Cardiology Scenario Station

Paramedic Practical Skills Intravenous Therapy Skills Station

Paramedic Practical Skills Medical Patient Assessment Scenario Station

Paramedic Practical Skills Trauma Patient Assessment Scenario Station

Paramedic Practical Skills Pediatric Intraosseous Infusion Skills Station

Paramedic Practical Skills Pediatric Advanced Airway Skills Station

Paramedic Practical Skills Adult Advanced Airway Skills Station

Paramedic Practical Skills Seated Spinal Immobilization Skills Station

Paramedic Practical Skills Supine Spinal Immobilization Skills Station


I just added some more information about the NREMT exam on my paid quizzes guys.

Just added:
“EMS Notes” Cardiology Page
. (Extremily helpful for the NREMT exam!)

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  More Free EMT “State Style” Tests
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EMT Tests and Exams
EMT testing websiteNational Registry

EMT practice test id44
Practice EMT General Exam
Free 30 questions

Practice General EMT Test
Free 30 questions
Sample Respiratory EMT Quiz ..
Free 5 questions


Free Quadrants EMT Test 8 Questions

(Good EMT practice “general knowledge free test”)
Lung Sounds Sample
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Free Paramedic Tests

I will have my virtual cardiac and random rhythm generator up and going in a couple of days! emt paramedic cardiac monitor

Free Firefighter Tests`
Paramedic Tests
Cardiology Flash Cards

Paramedic test 1 (Random)
Paramedic test 2 (Cardiology)
Paramedic Test Random
Paramedic Test Random 2.2
Definition of Emergency medical technician
Emergency medical technician: A person trained in the performance of the procedures required in emergency medical care. You are most likely to find an EMT working with a mobile emergency response team, such as an ambulance or fire and rescue team. Some EMTs are employed in emergency rooms, or are hired to be present at sporting events, camps, or other locations where emergency response might be needed. New test added all the time! at id44 emt test
We are looking for your EMT tests! is constantly undergoing emt test changes. We are on a mission to find simple, emt trainingmethods, updates happen daily so please come back often. is becoming a leader in National Registry Preparation by giving you the bare bones facts/information on what you need to know as anemt. So, remember! If you are getting ready to take the National Registry test, or you just need to brush up for an up and coming EMT exam, is the place to go. has online Free training videos, Free EMT Flashcards, Free EMT exams, EMT tools and books all within one page, Send your EMT tests, EMT exams, and other EMT preparation material. is aware that NREMT requirements change, and with your eyes and ears on the pulse of the EMS world, you too can make a better place to study for free. If you find any EMT test mistakes on this page, please let us know.

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