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The History of goes back quite a ways. Firefighter and Paramedic Forrest Munden is the creator of Forrest went back to school later in his life, and decided to chronicle his way through the process of becoming an EMT, Firefighter, and Paramedic. Forrest took notes on all of the things “You Need to Know” in order to get yourself through the National Registry exam, because there really weren’t websites or people that new anything about the National Registry exam, so Forrest decided to be the first. Forrest took notes on all the everything! He soon realized what were the bare-bones requirements to become an EMT, Firefighter, and Paramedic, and began to pass that information along to friends, other students, and eventually the United States. As the NREMT evolved, so did Forrest. He began to tutor struggling students that were coming and going from the NREMT and NREMT-P exam without success. Forrest forged relationships with these students, and started to understand the areas they struggled in. He in turn got an insiders perspective on how the test process works, how it grades you, and what to do and what not to do while taking your exam.

Forrest knew that he was not the only one that thought this test to be one that proved to be more difficult. Many of those in EMS today simply have not had the pleasure of taking this horrific exam. Many EMS personal had received their licenses by passing the much easier state exam (still required prior to talking the Registry in some states)
The state exams are a lot more like the exams you took in class with much a much easier question bank, that contained much easier and sometimes obvious answers. The NREMT does not dive into the realm of simplicity, but instead plays, and some say even basks in the sun of ambiguity.

Forrest’s exams evolved along with the Registry, and now many people come to study on and take their exams on
For wrote the book “EMS Notes What you Need to Know”EMS Notes

but soon found out that the internet provider a better avenue for study and test preparation for the NREMT exam.

Here we are today, and Forrest continues to lead the US as a NREMT test resource for thousands each year that use to study. Forrest offers interactive exams, that isolate your “areas of weakness” in order to help you advance your scores. Munden Interactive offers a test simulator that works just like the National Registry Exam in regards to time, question difficulty, context, but unlike the Registry Munden allows you to look at the  areas you may not understand. The website provides links to videos, audio files, pictures, articles, and static cardiology rhythms for Paramedics, EMT‘s, Firefighters, and other members amongst the EMS world

Forrest continues to serve as a firefighter paramedic and offers scholarships to those in need of books, boots, and more.

“I can remember how difficult it was for my family and I to get through school. We were broke! I remember  Brian Hendricksen, Dave Oleson, and Scott Jones giving me the opportunity to succeed. I will never forget that. I want to pass that on”
Forrest Munden

The name “id44″ has it’s own history, and it’s inception still remains secret.