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What's Hot! : We are in the middle of updating the site, so please hang in there! Yes, this is the web site that all the EMTs and Paramedics talk about for the BEST NREMT tips on how to study for the National Registry Exam! CLICK HERE TO BUY TESTS NOW! Go back to the store
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NREMT-Paramedic Test just $24.00
(Regularly $48.00)
Half the price of our nearest competitor

Paramedic National Registry Style Test.


Now IPAD, Iphone, Droid Compatible! Study anywhere!




What you get!

Munden Interactive has acquired id44.com!
What does this mean?
This site is built around the National Registry's grading practices!


Munden Interactive has designed unique, propitiatory software that specifically designed to show your areas of weakness . You will know exactly where your strengths and weakness are within the exact criteria the NREMT grades you on. NO OTHER SYSTEM OUT THERE DOES THIS! NOBODY BUT THE NREMT THEMSELVES.

What you get:

"Smart system" tells you when you are ready to take the exam
Built in insider tips
Filter (Work on one section(s) at a time)
Chose the quantity of question on each exam
Score tracking
Auto-save missed questions (Retake ONLY what you miss)
Informative Links
Informative Images
Reference Links
Difficulty Level Star Indication System
Statistical Analysis
Time Calculation
.PDF Printable Questions and answer key
Random Question Generation
Personal Dashboard
Account Settings
Ability to create your own quizzes
Make your own flash-cards, import existing
Import Teachers
Receive Assignments
1 Year of access! (nobody does that!)
and more!!

Munden Interactive is currently in the (Beta Test Mode)
What does this mean?
We are currently adding new features and actions within our exams including (CAT) this will be implemented over the next 30 days. We will "mimic" the NREMT and how it functions by increasing or lowering the level of difficulty in our questions in order to see where you stand in your readiness to take the exam. If you do not meet at least a proficient level within our exam it will not allow you to pass.

The good news?
We will show you exactly where you are weak! They (The NREMT) does not do that!


Paramedic Tests $24.00
(Regularly $48.00)

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Find your "Areas of weakness" within a subject such as "Airway" for example


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Youtube, Notes, Tips, and Wikipedia references help the learning process


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Already taken the exam? Have some tips to add?
Please drop me an e-mail!
Tell me!

Already taken the exam? Have some tips to add?
Please drop me an email!
Tell me!



Why buy these exams?

id44.com is number one on the web for good reason! id44.com

I am a "real" working Firefighter/Paramedic and I have taken the NREMT exam many times.

I have been where you are right now, I have been stressed out, wondering what to study and where to place my focus. Sound familiar?

That's why I created id44.com. I started to gather information on the NREMT test years ago (When I became an EMT) and continue to compile relevant information into my exams to help you pass the first time!

So relax, you are in the right place. id44.com changes every few days to keep up with the latest in NREMT testing, so you do not have to!

I have seen the exam and challenge it regularly to make sure I am on top of my game. I will continue to improve this site, and create more free stuff as time goes by

Thanks again!
Forrest EMT-P